Fashion Street Style blogs to Replace Fashion Magazines

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The blogs that are becoming more popular today are those that feature the latest and hippest outfits on the streets worn by average people who seem to be hanging out or on the way to work or to the cafes.

These blogs are managed by one or a few people who scout the area or streets in search for people who have creative expressions through their outfits. The chosen ones with exemplary outfits that shun the rest would of course be posted online for everyone to see. From there, people all over the world who stumble on the blog will see the posts and the stylish people which can also be a source of inspiration for the others. These are absolutely free, as bloggers are often doing it for kicks and not for money but eventually when a blog has garnered enough attention, they can become affiliates with other websites or carry paid advertisements which in turn can help them earn a few bucks from their blogging.

Fashion magazines are different, they spend money in order to pay photographers, models, make-up artists, designers and more. They of course also have advertisements on the pages of their magazines and one may notice, a lot of advertisements in fact. They promote brands and healthy living with desired weight and size. Most of the time these elements are quite impossible to achieve for some and the clothes featured won’t fit the bigger size population.
Magazines aren’t free, though discounts are given to subscriptions.
It could be frustrating to see a blouse in magazines which you know won’t fit you but seeing a person on streets on some unknown blog wearing something nice and you can well see she’s not a supermodel but her choice of clothing makes her as stunning as the ones in fashion runways makes a lot of us feel better about ourselves. It could teach a lot of people to dress better than seeing skinny models with fabulously designed clothing.

It may seem that fashion street style blogs are definitely in but magazines are here to stay, for a while at least since technology today is rapidly changing and we are all turning digital. E-books and E-zines are available around the world posing a threat to printed materials like magazines. But we still need to find out.

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Fashion Street Style blogs to Replace Fashion Magazines

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This article was published on 2011/09/06